The WorkPit is OPEN for BUSINESS!

The WorkPit is OPEN for BUSINESS!

Ballistyx one of Australias premier Snow & Skate shops established in 1991 has over 50,000 members Australia wide and nearly 70% of our customers are Tradies! Ballistyx is the first non workwear store to get a licence to sell the top brands like CAT, FXD, Mongrel and all the big names. The WorkPit is aimed soley at our tradie customers with our famous service and deals. every time you spemnd money you can put your points towards free stuff. like spend $499 and get a $249 latest cruiser skateboard FREE!, snowboard gear, cameras, blue tooth speakers and even BEER! follow us on facebook

combined with Ballsityx in RINGWOOD Vic 3134: The WorkPit is your one stop shop for workwear and boots!

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